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Golem Network is an open-source and decentralized platform where everyone can use and share each other's computing power without relying on centralized entities like cloud computing corporations

How Did Life on Earth Begin?
Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN) like Golem can accelerate and power projects in diverse fields like scientific research.
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The Golem Network
What is Golem Network?

Decentralized Computing for Everyone

Golem Network is a decentralized platform that transforms the way we access and share computational resources. At its core, Golem connects users worldwide, enabling them to share their unused computing power or access additional resources as needed. This approach not only democratizes access to digital capabilities but also fosters a community where everyone can contribute and benefit.

Innovate with $GLM and Our Community:

Within this ecosystem, the Golem token ($GLM) acts as a medium of exchange, facilitating seamless transactions between Providers – those who offer computing resources – and Requestors – those who utilize these resources. This symbiotic relationship ensures a balanced, self-sustaining network, paving the way for limitless innovation and growth in the decentralized world.
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The Golem difference
Liberate Your Creativity
Explore the Golem Network as a Requestor and unlock scalable, cost-effective decentralized computing. Seamlessly integrate with our platform using the JS API and Ray interface, perfect for a diverse range of projects from rendering stunning 3D animations to running advanced AI models.
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Representation of Golem Network nodes sending and receiving computed tasks and results
Golem Network nodes scattered across the globe
Requestor side
Unlock the Value of Your Computing Power
Become a Provider on the Golem Network and monetize your available computational power. Join our decentralized platform, where sharing your spare resources is simple and efficient. As an active part of our open-source network, you'll receive GLM tokens in return, directly fueling diverse computational projects.
Contribute & Earn
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Explore synergies with the Golem Community
Become a part of the Golem Network community and contribute with your ideas, insights or skills to help shape and expand the future of decentralized computing. Together, we can forge new paths in computing, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in a collaborative and innovative ecosystem. Your participation drives Golem's growth towards a more open and accessible digital future.
Golem Network providers earning profit from their idle computing power

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