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Featured Projects

Selected projects built on top of Golem

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Awesome Golem

Community-curated list of all things related to Golem

Awesome lists are GitHub repositories that contain a list of resources for a given topic. They’re made as a one-stop-shop for finding information. Awesome Golem is a community-curated list of resources that anyone in the community can contribute to! It’s focused on resources for New Golem to help developers, requestors, providers, or anyone wanting to do research on the new platform to hopefully find everything they need to learn in one easy list. If you find something New Golem specific and want to add it to the list then feel free to submit a Pull Request.

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GLM Rewards Program

Come create with us and participate

The primary objective of the GLM Rewards Program is to create an initiative that empowers individuals in a borderless manner, to further promote assistance between individuals in the Golem community.
It’s an opt-out program where simply joining and participating in any part where the Golem community is active makes you eligible for rewards.
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