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A flexible, open-source platform for democratised access to digital resources

Lightweight protocol for building unstoppable applications, anonymous and censorship-resistant

Modular, cutting edge architecture 

Fast and cheap micropayments with the GLM token on Ethereum’s Layer 2 

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Why Golem Network?
Task being sent trough integrated with Golem Network Software with computed result

Easy access

Built on Ethereum’s Layer 2, our payment system enables fast, cheap micropayments for our easily scalable services, eliminating gas fees, onboarding costs and other network congestion issues

Golem Network Nodes sending and receiving tasks


Build unstoppable applications atop the largest global decentralized network of digital resources and idle computing power

Golem Network nodes in a peer to peer network

No limitations

The Golem Network is a peer-to-peer protocol – exchange GLM tokens for digital resource rental and build without limitations

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What Can You Build?

In short, anything you want

A few examples from our developer community: machine learning, data analytics, video transcoding services, CAD simulators, chemistry simulations, image and video rendering
Get inspired by the innovative projects listed in our awesome-golem directory 
To find out more about the Golem Network for developers, head over to the: 
developer portal
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Become a Provider

Join the Golem Network as a provider

Diagram of idle computing resources that can be used for potential income


Rent out your digital resources including idle computing power

GLM tokens being sent for computed tasks to providers


Earn GLM tokens (an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency)

Users taking part in decentralized peer to peer network

Take part

Become part of the decentralized web ecosystem

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